Dr. OZ Today’s #TransformationTuesday is Gina Canakis

Today’s #TransformationTuesday is Gina Canakis who lost a total of 150 lbs! She is a blogger who currently resides in Springfield, PA.
Her journey began in March 2013 where she started researching weight-loss surgery options. In order to proceed, she had to lose at least 10% of her bodyweight naturally. She was discouraged but had no choice, she couldn’t walk without feeling short of breath. Gina began losing 1 to 2 pounds a week and got so encouraged by her progress she decided to continue trying to lose weight naturally without surgery. 🙌🏼 Gina’s biggest challenge was getting over her dislike of exercise. After one year of dieting, she had lost 60 pounds but needed to integrate exercise if I wanted to reach my goal weight. She started slowly by walking up and down my driveway for about 20 minutes. Soon, she was walking around my neighborhood, and eventually, she started to go to the gym and walking on the treadmill. Over time, Gina increased her speed and steepness and explored new machines like the bike, elliptical and weights. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Gina’s basic meals are as follows: #Breakfast: ¼ plate of cooked protein such as eggs, chicken, beef or tofu, ¼ plate of low-fat dairy or healthy starch, and ½ plate of fruit or veggies #Lunch: Sicilian cauliflower, 2 oz of protein and a pear or honeydew #Snack: Raw veggies with hummus or mixed nuts #Dinner: Tailgate coleslaw with 2oz of protein such as salmon, chicken, or beef #Tip: I drink 64 Ounces of water daily 💧 She typically eats her largest meal in the morning, so she can burn it off throughout the day and she eliminated all processed foods. 🙅🏻 “There were times that I wanted to give up, especially in the beginning. What kept me going was my inner voice telling me not to quit even in the face of obstacles and challenges, and it reminded me how badly I wanted to change my life. Some advice that I have for others when it comes to losing weight, is to start with small changes. The first thing that I worked on was my diet. But, I didn’t revamp everything all at once. Keep a journal of your daily “wins” no matter how small or large, so you can go back and see how far you have come.” #weightlossjourney

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