How to Cook for Two, When Only One of you is Low Carb

Lately, I have been on a mission to cook food at home instead of going out. It’s cheaper, I really like cooking, and it can be way better for you.

However, going out works better for me and my boyfriend because we have two very different diets. I am on Ideal Protein – a high protein, low carb/fat diet…my boyfriend on the other hands eats all the carbs!

So, when it comes to meal planning for the week I have been trying really hard to find meals that can serve double duty. It has been a challenge and I thought I would share it with everyone since I am sure some of you out there might be having the same problem. Here are the recipes I have been working with lately!

Tacos – I make the same meat filling and then make sure to have cauliflower tortillas or lettuce leaves for a low carb option. Also, if he is feeling some Mexican rice he can have regular rice and I make mine with cauliflower rice instead.


Burgers and Fries – burgers are pretty straight forward and you can do a lot with them for a low carb diet. I can either make cauliflower buns, wrap them in lettuce, or cut up the burger and have “Big Mac Salad.” For fries, he does the traditional potatoes and I go for rutabaga fries instead.


Cauliflower Pizza Crust – this is one that my boyfriend will eat happily. He thinks the cauliflower crust is just as good as the regular crust. To make a cauliflower pizza crust you use the same recipe as the tortillas I mentioned above. Instead of making 4 small tortillas, just make one big pizza crust – it still holds together just as well. Then, just add your favorite toppings!


Meatloaf – meatloaf by itself is a great low carb option and remember you don’t need breadcrumbs to bind it together. The sides are usually the part that gets heavy on the carbs. He will eat mashed potatoes, etc. and I will go for mashed cauliflower or another veggie option, like broccoli, asparagus or Brussel sprouts.


Stir Fry – stir fry is pretty straight forward – protein and veggies. Then, I serve it over regular rice (for him) or cauliflower rice (for me.) Just be careful with any sauces you add.

Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies_My Beautiful Ideal 4

Steak and Cheese – I make the steak and cheese “insides” and just serve it in two different ways. He gets a sub roll and I either eat it straight out of the pan or in a stuffed pepper.


Pasta – with zoodles getting more popular this is an easy meal to cook for the two of us. He gets regular pasta, I get zoodles and we top it with whatever protein/veggie option we are feeling. Some times its meatballs in tomato sauce and other times its chicken and pesto.


I am always on the lookout for other meals I can multi-task. What meals do you think would be easy to make low carb friendly? I would love to hear your suggestions! 🙂

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