The Ultimate meal prep guide for people that don’t like eating the same food every day

When I used to hear the word meal prep, I used to automatically think it meant eating the same food every day and that automatically made me have a negative attitude towards it. With time I have found ways to avoid eating the same food daily and you will be amazed at how many benefits to meal prepping there are.

It is important to understand the benefits before going all in, so here are some of the benefits I personally love about meal prepping;

  1. It saves you so much time. You don’t appreciate this until life gets busy and there is basically no time for healthy food. This has been the case for me lately, and if you’ve been here a while, you know I am all about practicing what I preach and if you are also keeping up with my last 90 days of the year video journals, then you know what’s happening. But me showing up for you guys is helping me show up for you guys daily to inspire, motivate, educate or entertain you.
  2. When trying to lose weight in order for you to learn how much food is enough for you, meal prepping helps with learning the different quantities that work for you.
  3. Meal prepping saves you time and temptation. Imagine you had to wait to make a healthy meal, yet you can go and eat out or make something unhealthy, even if they both take the same time to cook, you will convince yourself that the unhealthy one takes less time because that is where your comfort zone is
  4. Meal prepping saves you a lot of money, now this is definitely one of my favorite. I love to eat like a queen so meal prepping definitely helps me make good food choices for the right price.
  5. It helps you reduce food waste. When you meal prep you are more mindful of leftovers than when you don’t. A lot of times when I am eating out, I notice a lot of food goes to waste in the fridge and you end up throwing it. Because let’s face it, leftover fast food is never so good, It’s always better fresh.

That being said, here is my easy way you can get started with meal prepping;

  • Keep it simple. Do not complicate the food choices keep it to the basics, its even better for your digestion because like I told you in the previous blog post about some causes of bloating, sometimes we mix food especially with these new healthy recipe options on the market that make you feel like you should use all the fancy ingredients to make it taste good.
  • Start with one meal, then work your way up. When planning out your meals, there is no need to plan all your meals of the day, start with maybe breakfast if you like breakfast and you don’t have time to have it before going to work, or maybe it’s lunch where you have trouble then start with that. Even that, you don’t have to do it for a whole week even 2 days ahead of time is good. I have a lot of meal prep videos on my youtube channel so you can head over there and watch some of them.
  • Start with recipes you know. It’s as easy as chicken rice and veggies, whatever you feel like but keep it simple, few good tasty ingredients.
  • Think about what method of cooking you are going to use, saute, bake, grill. The reason for this is so you can know what ingredients to get but its most likely the same and a one time buy. Also when it comes to ingredients, here are my easy rules for the week, 2 protein sources, 2 carbs, healthy fat, leafy salad, starchy veggies, 2 – 3 fruits, bananas always.
  • Then make a list, I like to go shopping and cook on the same day so I get the cooking and food out of the way. Man adulthood teaches you to be organized.
  • Before cooking, It is important to ask yourself how many times you are willing to cook during the week because that will determine how much you are going to cook. Also, keep in mind that some food can’t be kept for too long or frozen. I will talk more about that in another blog post.

When it comes to the cooking process;

  • Start with the stuff that is going to take the longest, like marinating the protein, prepping all the food that needs to be prepped, you will be surprised how much time this saves you. Things don’t always go well when multitasking in the kitchen. I am very very guilty of that though, smh.

So instead of portioning out my food, I just batch cook as I show you in my meal prep videos

All these tips and so many more are included in my Ultimate healthy weight loss guide, which gives you step by step actionable weight loss tips to help you reach your weight loss goal. As always, don’t forget to stay motivated to be patient, trust the process and spread the love.

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