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With this quiari business plan, prospecting notes, you can grow your genealogy super fast: Join quiari and start building your business fast.

Hi, (Introduce yourself)
● Someone invited you here today because they
knew you would be interested in:
○ More Money
○ More Time Freedom
○ Healthier Lifestyle
● Or like most people, all 3!
● Every so often an opportunity comes along
with the right:
○ Company
○ Timing
○ Products
○ Compensation Plan
○ Support
● Your timing could not be better and you DO
NOT want to miss out.
So let me tell you about QuiAri…
● Founded in October 2019
● Bob Reina, our Founder & CEO & former Police
● Corporate Team with over 150 Years of MLM
● Headquarters in Tampa, FL
● Offices worldwide. Join quiari and start building your business fast.
● 70+ Countries with product registration
● Proprietary, breakthrough nutritional products
● Fastest AND highest paying Compensation
Plan in MLM History – Get Paid In 5 Minutes!
● All of our products are powered by the Maqui
Berry, the world’s new #1 superfruit.
● Lose weight, increase energy, and feel great!
● QuiAri is the first and only company to bring
Maqui to the international marketplace.
● Small, intensely purple berry recently
discovered by modern science
● Maqui is grown in Patagonia, Chile, one of the
cleanest places on Earth, and virtually
untouched by humans!
● Rich with
○ Antioxidants
○ Vitamins
○ Minerals
○ Phytonutrients
○ Amino Acids
● With a nutritional profile that’s second to none
● The Maqui Berry Is Like No Other!
○ Consists of two very powerful
○ Anthocyanins (pronounced
“an-thow-sai-uh-nins”) and
Delphinidins (pronounced
○ Anthocyanins gives Maqui its intense
purple color
○ Delphinidins are the most potent
antioxidant compound
■ 80% of Maqui Is a Delphinidin.
This is what helps to set Maqui
apart from any other superfruit.
● Since 600 A.D. the Mapuche People have long
revered the Maqui Berry
● Throughout history, the Mapuches were the
only tribe never conquered. They attribute this
to Maqui!

Join quiari and start building your business fast.
● The Mapuche People say the Maqui berry is
the reason for their health, vitality, and stamina
● The berry is considered sacred, they celebrate
its harvest each year with a blessing for good
● QuiAri partners with local, native Mapuche
People to organically harvest the berries
● Once gathered, they are transported and
processed within 24 hours
● QuiAri has partnered with the #1 Maqui expert
in the world, Dr. Juan Hancke
● He was awarded a 5-million-dollar grant by the
World Health Organization to study the Maqui
● Dr. Hanke discovered two very important
things that distinguish Maqui from any other
superfruit in the world.
1. Maqui has up to 30x more antioxidant power
than any previously known superfruit. This is
scientifically proven by the ORAC score, which
is a way to measure the antioxidant power of
food. The higher the ORAC score, the higher
the antioxidant benefits.
● Maqui has the highest ORAC of all superfruits
that have generated multi-billion-dollar sales –
such as noni, acai, and mangosteen
● In fact, Maqui is 4x stronger than all of those
superfruits COMBINED!
● That means QuiAri is perfectly positioned to
dominate the market
2. Not only does Maqui have the highest
antioxidant value, but it also provides the most
broad-spectrum protection of any other
● Maqui helps provide protection against ALL 6
primary free radicals, whereas most
antioxidants only provide limited protection
against 1
● Not only do we have Maqui, the #1 berry, but
we also have the #1 extract – MaquiX®,
● We partnered with Dr. Juan Hancke to develop
a super-concentrated organic extract which
provides extra health benefits
● This extract is 10x stronger than Maqui alone
● It’s proprietary to QuiAri and you will never
find it in stores

Join quiari and start building your business fast.
● The combination of Maqui and MaquiX®
supports and promotes:
○ Stronger immune system
○ Weight loss
○ Increased energy levels
○ Anti-aging
○ Healthy inflammatory response
○ Total body cleansing
○ Healthy cardiovascular system
○ Ocular (eye) health
○ Healthier skin
○ Healthy blood sugar levels
● All of these incredible benefits are available in
our products
● First – our sensational-tasting QuiAri Shake,
available in chocolate and vanilla, only 120
calories and no added sugar.
● No grit, no chalk, no aftertaste
● Includes: Maqui, MaquiX®, 24 essential
vitamins and minerals, protein, probiotics, fiber,
and greens
● Second – QuiAri Energy, No Jitters, No Crash,
Just Pure, Natural Energy
● It features a powerful blend of MaquiX®,
Maqui, chromium, green coffee bean extract,
and garcinia cambogia
● Helps you burn fat, increase energy levels,
increases focus and clarity, and reduce sugar
People from over 100 countries are having fantastic
results from our products.
Check out our Social Media, where you will find
testimony after testimony of people loving our
Lets check out a few!
“After losing 127 pounds, I no longer have to wear a
seatbelt extender.”
“I have so much energy I started taking salsa classes.”
“I have lost 26 pounds and my belly is gone!!”
“I am so glad I found QuiAri. I reached my goal
weight in under 3 months.”
This is only a fraction of the lives QuiAri has
changed. You could be next.
There’s no doubt, QuiAri has the:
○ #1 superfruit
○ #1 scientist
○ #1 extract
AND now…I’m here to tell you about what industry
experts are calling the world’s #1 Compensation Plan
It’s the 1st and only Compensation Plan in MLM
history that pays commissions directly to your
account in just 5 minutes. While other companies
make you wait weeks or months to get paid, QuiAri
pays you in just 5 minutes.
Now before we get into all the different ways to earn,
I want to read you our income disclosure:
Please note that the QuiAri business opportunity
offers unlimited potential. However, QuiAri makes no
guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri
results from successful sales efforts, which require
hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence,
and leadership. Your income will depend on how well
you exercise these qualities.
So let’s get started!
Not only does QuiAri have the fastest paying comp
plan in MLM history, but it also has one of the
highest paying.
Whether you’re new to the industry or a full-time
professional, there’s something here for everyone.
Now let’s take a brief look at the 7 different ways to
1. Fast Start Bonus – $20 – $250 USD
2. Customer Bonus – 10% on ALL orders and
3. Team Commissions – All you need to do is
Sponsor 2 Promoters to qualify and you
could earn up to 20% per cycle, up to
$50,000 USD per week
4. Speed Bonus – No other company offers you
a Speed Bonus, designed to get your
business off to a fast start. You have the
ability to earn Unlimited $500 USD Speed
Bonuses each time you introduce as few as
two people to QuiAri
5. Matching Bonuses – Get paid to help other
people become successful. Earn up to 80%
through 7 generations
6. Rank Advancement Bonuses – Everyone
loves recognition and rewards. Every time
you progress up the ranks you can earn
anywhere from $100 – $50,000 USD
7. Lifestyle Bonuses – Earn up to $5,000 USD
per month for whatever you want. Car,
house, vacations, tuition.
So how do I build the business? It’s easy: QuiAri
Sample Cards.
Pass out as many samples as you can, as fast as you
can. It’s the best way to get people to try our
products and feel the results.
Samples lead to conversations, conversations lead
to invitations, invitations lead to sales.
● We give you everything you need to build a
successful online business anywhere in the
● Just point, click, and promote.
● Here’s how it works. When you become a
Promoter, you can choose from over 35
custom, professionally designed marketing
pages that you can send your friends, family,
and Prospects.
● Once they fill in the contact information, the
system will give them access to a
pre-recorded Opportunity presentation,
and then immediately follows up with an
automated series of emails asking them to
purchase products or join the business.
● What is awesome about the system is that
it’s automatically set up for you once you
become a Promoter. You don’t have to be an
expert or a guru.
● Simply promote your marketing pages that
explain everything for you.
● People everywhere are enjoying massive
success, even those with no experience, and
breaking ranks through this incredible
● And the best part is, it’s plug and play, and
works for you for FREE, 24/7, 365
So let’s get started. It only takes 5 minutes and the
best part is you can start earning today!
After you register, you get access to:
● Your Promoter ID Number: log in anytime,
● Your self-replicated website: it is ready for
you immediately so you can send people
your link and they can join
● Your state-of-the-art Portal: everything
happens in real time – commissions, new
Promoters and Customers, and more
● FREE QuiAri Mobile App: Get paid in 5
minutes on-the-go. Hear it go “cha-ching.”
This lets you know you got paid
● And last but not least – we are known in the
industry for having world-class marketing
and Customer Support
All of our Product Packages are designed to get
you off to a fast start and give you the opportunity
to earn unlimited Speed Bonuses.
● The 1 Pack includes 1 bag of QuiAri Shake,
1 bottle of QuiAri Energy, and 1 month of
Unlimited Speed Bonuses for only $125
USD. Join quiari and start building your business fast.
● The 2 Pack includes 2 bags of QuiAri
Shake, 2 bottles of QuiAri Energy, and 2
months of Unlimited Speed Bonuses. All
for only $250 USD.
● The 4 Pack includes 4 bags of QuiAri
Shake, 4 bottles of QuiAri Energy, and 3
months of Unlimited Speed Bonuses. All
for only $500 USD.
A common characteristic of top earners is that
they get started with the 7 Pack. It includes 100
sample cards AND 6 months of UNLIMITED
Speed Bonuses. All for $1199 USD. This is by far
the BEST VALUE to get your business off to a fast
Never miss out on receiving products each month
by setting yourself up on AutoDelivery. There are
two great reasons why:
1. Save 10% off product purchases
2. It’s a convenient way to help you stay Active
so you never lose out on volume and
Then, get Qualified and gain access to all 7 ways to
earn. Do this by personally sponsoring two
Teach others to do the same and you will be well on
your way to building a successful QuiAri business.
Now’s the time to join the #1 Global Opportunity
with the #1 products and the fastest and highest
paying Compensation Plan in the industry. Don’t
miss out!
● Come Join The Fun
● Please get back to the person who
introduced you to this opportunity so they
can help you get started and get Paid in 5

Access diverse quiari business plans and start to grow your team. Join quiari and start building your business fast.

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